Tech Spec

Tech Spec

Product Components: 
Adjustment buckle 
USB jack 
USB connector cord 
Silicone band 
Silicone massage pad 

Technical Specifications: 
Power supply: 5V/1.0-1.2A 
Power: 10W 
Massage session length: 10 minutes 
Ideal environment: Temperature 32F-104F; Relative humidity: ≤80% 
Massage action: continuous Non-AP/APG style 

Transportation and Storage: 
Transportation: secure package to prevent shaking and moisture 
Storage temperature: 32F to 104F 
Relative humidity: ≤80%

This device should not be used by: 
Children younger than 3 and half years of age.
People with eye disease, eye surgery, or severe myopia 
Those who suffer from motion sickness.

Do not use the massager in excess of 30 minutes at a time.
Do not fold the pupillary distance adjustment buckle as it may break as a result.
If the massage does not function continuously, unplug and re-plug the USB cord 
When not in use, unplug the USB adapter. Limit unplugging and re-plugging of USB jack.

It is normal to have mild red mark on skin around your eyes after using the massager. It is from wearing the massager, and will disappear shortly after. 
Warnings: Do not try to open the main unit as it should only be opened by an authorized personnel of the manufacturing company. Any opened devices will be void of any warranty.